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High Level Photography has been providing commercial photography since 1985.

We offer a varied range of photographic services to a diverse range of markets.


Aerial Photography 

Aerial Photography is a specialist field, one in which Ian Leslie, High Level's Managing Director, is knowledgeable and expert in. 

Aerial photography and filming is about capturing the image the client wants at a cost-effective price.   This means understanding the correct tools for the job, including the right camera and the best platform - be it a fixed wing aircraft, helicopter, helium balloon or remote drone - as well as the best image stabilisation methods available. Detailed flight planning including liaison with the Air Traffic authorities is essential to ensure that the best shooting positions are achieved once over the site.

Ian has over 20 years of private and commercial flying experience combined with over 30 years as a cameraman and photographer, providing all the  necessary experience with his team at High Level Photography to deliver the right image.

Aerial Stock Library

Whilst en-route to commissioned sites our photographers snap away in order to build a comprehensive archive of aerial images. Towns, cities, commercial buildings, landmarks and general points of interest throughout the UK are constantly being added to our library which are available for search and purchase..

A small selection of our images are included in this library, if there is a particular site you want an image of then please do get in touch and we'd be happy to search our full library for you.

Our images are used by commercial property companies, design agencies and the press for marketing and record keeping purposes.. 

Recent features have included a series of stunning images of London taken from a helicopter at dawn, that have appeared on various websites including The Standard, Daily Mail and Telegraph.

Many of High Level's stock images regularly appear on websites and trade publications such as Estates Gazette, Property Week, as well as being used in the occasional TV documentary.

Elevated Mast Photography

"Low level aerial photography", "mast photography", "elevated photography", "pole photography" - whatever your preferred term is a photographic technique pioneered High Level Photography Ltd.   Our fleet of specially-equipped mast mounted, typically a 4x4 or a van, conceived and developed by the founder of High Level Photography Ltd.

Mobile mast elevated photography is not a cheap substitute for aerial photography (from aircraft). It offers a unique viewpoint of a building or site which differentiates it from the standard ground level external which in the case of a small industrial unit gives the image much more impact.  It is often the best possible choice for high quality overviews and compliments our ground level externals and internals (where required) nicely to give the full story of the subject property.  

The beauty of the mast system is that it allows our photographers to get the best angles around the site, is quick and mobile.  We can also operate in tight spaces in town centres and the mast height (25 metres/85 feet) enables us to get above most obstructions such as walls and trees.

Ground Based Photography

In addition to aerial and elevated work High Level also can provide high quality images at ground level both externally and internally.  We also provide images of the local area including signage, transport infrastructure, places of interest to help build the full picture of the subject property in the context of its' location.





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